PhD Students

            Ph D Students awarded Degrees and their present position 
  1. Prof B N Kamble;  Professor, Indian Institte of Education, Pune. Effectiveness of Developmental  Programmes for Scheduled Castes and  Scheduled Tribes in Maharashtra. Pune University, Pune
  2. Dr. Jayanti Kajale ; Asst Professor at Gokhale Institute of politics   and Economics, Pune. An Analysis of Wages of Agricultural Labourers in Maharashtra, . Pune University, Pune
  3. Dr. Vilas Adhav; Professor at Pune University, Agricultural Marketing Problems of Weaker Sections in Maharashtra, . Pune University, Pune
  4. Dr. K S Ramakrishna; Professor Sridevi Institute of management, Impact of Krishna Raja Sagar Irrigation Project on Agricultural Economy, (Principal Advisor, Not a direct student)
  5. Dr.Amalendu Jyotishi; Asst Professor at Amrita School of Mangement; Ecological Economic and Institutional Aspects of Shifting Agriculture: A study in Orissa, Bangalore University, Bangalore.. Received VKRV Rao Award for best thesis.
  6. Dr. M G Deepika; Professor at  Amrta School of Management, Changing Trade Scenario in Agriculture and Its Implications for the Indian Economy,. Bangalore University, Bangalore.
  7. Dr. G Sridevi Asst Professor at  Hyderabad University, Hyderabad, Food Security in the Context of Liberalisation: A Case of Andhra Pradesh, Mysore University, Mysore
  8. Dr. Satyasiba Bedamatta “Economic Implications of Ecological Changes: A study Chilika lagoon” Asst Prof (Temp) ISEC; Mysore University, Mysore
  9. Dr. Malini L Tantri  “Special Economic Zones in Dynamics of International Trade: India’s Experience” Asst Professor, ISEC, Bangalore, Mysore University, Mysore
  10. Mr. Nitin Tagade Food and Nutrition Insecurity: A Case Study in Tribal Region of Maharashtra, Faculty, IIDS Delhi, Mysore University.
  11. Ms Yogeswari S Agrarian Distress and Credit Market in Tamilnadu in Karnataka, Mysore University, Mysore

                                               Students who secured Prestigious Awards

Rajiv Dogra received prize for best M Phil Thesis of Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune.

Dr Amalendu Jyotishi was awarded V K R V Rao prize for the Best Thesis in Economics at ISEC.       

                      Students Under Different Guides but Substantially helped for PhD


  • V Ratna Reddy; Former Professor CESS, and Director LMNRI, Hyderabad
  • Dr R Parthasarathy; Former CEPT, Ahmedabad
  • Dr N Rajasekharan; Professor, Madurai.
  • Dr S Laxmikanthamma; Reader (Retd), Maharani’s College, Bangalore
  • Dr Ravi Tirlapur,KAS, Govt of Karnataka
  • Dr K N Rathod; (Retd) VN College, Aurangabad
  • Dr Samhita Athavale, Pune University
  • Dr S Jagdale; Principal (Retd), MJ College Vashi
  • Dr Nagesh Prabhu, Special Political Correspondent, The Hindu
  • Dr Pradeep Mehta, New Delhi
  • DR Anitha, Professor, KLE College, Bangalore


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