Papers Published


Sl.No Title Download
1 Access, Equity and Equality in Resources Download
2 Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicides  Download
3 Agriculture Policy Paper-In the Honour of Prof VS Vyas  Download
4 Agriculture in Mysore State after fall of Serirangpatana -WP 2007  Download
5 Agricultural Policy of India-Agri-Situation in India  Download
6 Agricultural Statistics. Paper for National Stat Commission  Download
7 Agricultural Trade-India  Download
8 Agriculture and Education- Working Paper ISEC  Download
9 Agri and Institutions- Sweden Conference & Regina Univ  Download
10 Agriculture_Marketing- Some Issues of Concern  Download
11 Ambedkar Memorial Lecture-Chennai-06-12-06  Download
12 BioFuels-WTO  Download
13 Under the Shadow of Globalization – Agri Prices- Springer Book  Download
14 China-India- Economic Development  Download
15 Climatic Change- Impact on India with Meha  Download
16 Coarse Cereals & Millets Economy -with V M Rao  Download
17 Contract Farming and Tenancy Reforms  Download
18 Diversification of Crops and Agri- With Pradeep-Khaleel  Download
19 Drip Irrigation and Development  Download
20 Exim Policy and QRs with ICSSR Journal  Download
21 Farmers’ Distress  Download
22 Globalisation and Agriculture  Download
23 Indebtedness Among Agri Labourers  Download
24 International Trade and Environment  Download
25 Irrigation and Community Participation  Download
26 Karnataka Vision – Working Paper  Download
27 Land Issues in India Country Paper -ADB-Final  Download
28 LAND MARKET- Amal-RSD Working Paper  Download
29 Land Market in Less Developed Nations  Download
30 Land Reforms in Karnataka  Download
31 Land Reforms in Maharashtra  Download
32 Liberalization and Agricultural Prices  Download
33 Land Issues in Maharashtra  Download
34 Micro-Irrigation and Sustainable Agri  Download
35 Minimum Support Prices: Issues of Concern-In Honour of GK Chadda  Download
36 Political Economy of Poverty  Download
37 Poverty and Institutions  Download
38 Pulses-Supply Response  Download
39 Resource Use Management-Land and Water  Download
40 Rural Credit in Karnataka  Download
41 Scheduled Castes – Agrarian Changes and Poverty  Download
42 Irrigation Commission Maharashtra -epw.march.24.2001  Download
43 Suicide by Farmers in Karnataka  Download
44 Under_utilization Land  Download
45 Watershed as Resource Region  Download
46 Watershed-Putting the Cart Before the Horse  Download

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