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Land and Poverty Nexus: Discrimination Against Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Karnataka, with Khalil Shah, Research report by Prof Manohar Yadav, ISEC, 2014.
New 02 Two Steps Forward – One Step Backward: A Story of Inclusive Growth in India, Paper for the book to be edited by K Gayithri and K V Raju, ISEC, 2014.
1 ‘Agrarian Transition and Farmers’ Suicides’.  In Shweta Singh (ed.). ‘Social Work and Social Development: Perspective from India and the United States’.  Chicago: Lyceum Books, INC, 2013.
2 ‘Under the Shadow: Pricing and Marketing in Indian Agriculture in Globalisation in ‘Development and Sustainability: India in a Global Perspective’.  In Sarmila Banerjee and Anjan Chakrabarti (eds.) ’.  Springer, 2013.
3 ‘Progressive Change in Land Reforms and Agriculture Policy’. In Prem Nath (ed.) ‘The Basics of Human Civilization: Food, Agriculture and Humanity – Volume I: Present Scenario’. New Delhi: New India Publishing Agency, 2013 (with Nitin Tagade).
4 Resilient India: Brighter Tomorrow with Partnership; In Lin Yueqin  (eds); Annual Book on BRICS, Blue Book of Emerging Economies, China, 2012.
5 ‘India’s Society and Economy: Rise with its “BRICS” Counterparts’.  In Lin Yueqin and Zhou Wen (eds.)  ‘Blue Book of Emerging Economy – Annual Report on BRICS’ Social-Economic Development’.  China: Social Science Academic Press, 2011.
6 ‘Indian Economy’.  Manorama Yearbook 2011, Kottayam, Kerala:  Malayala Manorama,  2010.
7 ‘Asoka Mehta: Legendary Economic Visionary’, Janata, Vol. 66, No. 41, November 13, 2011, Mumbai.  
8 Land Policy Issues in Development Context: in ADB  (Eds) Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development, Oxford University Press, New Delhi 2010.
9 Karnataka’s Agricultural Policy: A Comprehensive History and Ways Forward, FKCCI Journal Vol XXXI No 6, June 2010
10 WTO and Agricultural Policy in Karnataka (ISEC Working Paper 259), 2010, (with Malini L. Tantri).
11 Food Prices, Inflation and Changing Terms of Trade, Monthly Economic Digest, Maharashtra Economic Development Council, Vol. XXXIV, No.9, Mumbai, July-2010.
12 “Fire the Creative Talents of Students”, Domain, Vol3 Issue 1, July-Dec 2010.
13 Agricultural and Rural Development: Karnataka Scenario, FKCCI Journal, Vol XXXI (5), May 2010.
14 Policies and Institutions in State of Indian Agriculture, (Co-Author),National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi 2009.
15 ‘Land Reforms and Land Policy Issues in the Context of Karnataka.  In D.Narasimha Reddy (ed.) Agrarian Reforms, Land Markets and Rural Poor.  Mussoorie: Centre for Rural Studies, LBSNAA, 2009.
16 Agrarian Transition and Farmers’ Distress in Karnataka.  In D. Narasimha Reddy and Srijit Mishra (eds.)  ‘Agrarian Crisis in India’.  New Delhi: Oxford, 2009.
17 India’s Surface Irrigation Sector: Participatory Management and Pricing. , (Co-Author),   In Gopal K. Kadekodi and Brinda Viswanathan (eds.) ‘Agricultural Development, Rural Institutions, and Economic Policy’.  New Delhi: Oxford, 2009.
18 Sustainable Watershed Management’: The GO-NGO Dichotomy’. , (Co-Author),  In Gopal K. Kadekodi and Brinda Viswanathan (eds.) ‘Agricultural Development, Rural Institutions, and Economic Policy’.  New Delhi: Oxford, 2009.
19 Making of Agricultural Policy. , (Co-Author),  In Surjit Singh and V. Ratna Reddy (eds.). ‘Changing Contours of Asian Agriculture: Policies, Performance and Challenges – Essays in Honour of Professor VS Vyas’.  New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2009.
20 State Policy, Poverty and Rural Development.  In Ashish Vachhani and N.K. Kumaresan Raja (eds.) ‘Poverty, Unemployment and Rural Development Programmes’.  Mussoorie: Centre for Rural Studies, LBSNAA, 2009.
21 Agriculture Sector in the Liberalisation Period:  A Comparative Study of India and China. , (Co-Author),   In S. Mahendra Dev and N. Chandrasekhara Rao (eds.)  ‘India: Perspectives on Equitable Development’.  New Delhi: Academic Foundation,  2009.
22 ‘Rainfed Agriculture in Karnataka’ .  In Surjit Singh and  M.S. Rathore (eds.) Rainfed Agriculture in India: Perspective and Challenges.  Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2009.
23 Bio-fuels and WTO: An Emerging Context.  In Sameer A. Zodgekar (ed.) ‘Biofuels; Introduction and Country Experiences’.  Hyderabad: The ICFAI, University Press, 2008.
24 “Rainfed Agriculture: Myriad of Issues”, in Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 63 No 3, July-Sept 2008.
25 Impact of WTO on Agriculture in Karnataka (co-author), Journal of Development and Social Change, Vol.5 No 3&4, April-Sept, 2008.
26 Imbalanced Growth of Agricultural Resources in Rainfed Regions of Maharashtra, in Samajprobhodan Patrika (Marathi),  Belgaum,  Oct-Dec 2007.
27 Whose is the Chilka?: Fishing in Troubled Water, , (Co-Author),  in K. J. Joy, Bikshan Gujja, Suhas Paranjape and Vinod Goud (eds.) Water Conflicts in India: A Million Revolts in the Making, Routledge Publication, New Delhi, 2007.
28 Micro Initiatives for Macro Policy, in Challenges to Sustainable Agri-Food Systems, edited by P.G.Chengappa, N. Nagraj and Ramesh Kanbur, I.K. International Publishing House , New Delhi, 2007.
29 Globalisation and Indian Agriculture: Performance under New Paradigm in Institutional Alternatives and Governance of Agriculture, edited by Vishwa Ballabh, Academic Foundation New Delhi, 2007.
30 Organisation of Agriculture in Karnataka After the Fall of Srirangapattana, in The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, April-June 2007, Bangalore.
31 Agrarian Distress and Agricultural Labour in India, , (Co-Author),  Indian Journal  of Labour Economics, Vol. 50 (2), July 2007
32 Impact of WTO on Agriculture in Karnataka, , (Co-Author),  in Rural Karnataka edited by Bansil Hans and Jaisheel, Serial Publication, 2007.
33 Agricultural Performance in Karnataka During the Reform Period, in Karnataka Economy: Performance, Challenges and Opportunities, edited by R. Sthanumurthy and P. Sivarajadhanavelu, ICFAI, 2007
34 Crop Diversification and Agricultural Labour in India, Indian Journal  of Labour Economics, Vol. 50 (4), Dec 2007
35 Farmer Distress and Suicides, in The Oxford Companion to Economics in India, edited by Kaushik Basu, Oxford University Press, 2007.
36 Bio-fuels and WTO: An Emerging Context, Asian Biotechnology and Development Review, VIII (2), March 2006.
37 Trade Policy and Quantitative Restrictions: Assessing the likely Impact on Agriculture, Indian Social Review, Vol 7 No 2, Jan-June 2005, published in October 2006.
38 Emerging Issues in Land Policy, INRM Policy Brief No 16, India Mission ADB, New Delhi, 2006.
39 Neither to Own Nor to Borrow, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Lectures, Madras University, Chennai, December 2006
40 Bhu Sampattu Kuritu Niti, Hosatu Wachike (edited) Idu Namma Karnataka (in Kannada), Nava Karnataka, 2006
41 Participatory Approach in a Resource Centered Programme- A View of the Socio-Economic Issue, in New Development Paradigms and Challenges for Western and Central India edited by  Prof. R Parthsarathy and Sudershan Iyengar (eds.) Concept Publication Company, New Delhi, 2006
42 Sustaining Agricultural Trade: Policy and Impact, Economic and Political Weekly, December 30th 2006.
43 Globalization and Agriculture in Twenty First Century’s Challenge to Socialism: Volume in Memory of Shri S.M. Joshi (Marathi) edited by Prakash Bal, S.M. Josh Centenary Committee, 2005.
44 Impact of Removal of Quantitative Restrictions in the Globalised Economy of India: A Critical Analysis, , (Co-Author),  Agricultural Situation in India, Vol LXII, No 5, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, August 2005.
45 The State Policy and Poverty in India: An Understanding in Retrospect, in Indian Social Review, VII (2), 2005.
46 WTO and Agricultural Policy- State Perspective: Case of Karnataka, , (Co-Author),  Journal of Economic and Social Development, Vol 1 No 2, July-Dec 2005.
47 Inter-Disciplinary in Educational Research- A View of Processes, in Indian Economy Education, Health and Development, edited by Manohar Rao, V.G. Kalyankar, J.B.G. Tilak and V.B. Annigeri, Himalaya Publications, 2005
48 Planning, Marketing Process and Land Policy in Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, Proceedings of FAO and PNASF International Workshop on Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, 2005.
49 Farmers Distress: Proof Beyond Doubt, , (Co-Author),  Economic and Political Weekly, Oct 29th 2005.
50 Climate Change and Differential Impact across World, in Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability of Horticultural Crops to Climatic Change, edited by Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), Bangalore, IIHR, 2005.
51 Liberalization and Agricultural Sector in India and Karnataka, in Rural Transformation in India: The Impact of Globalisation, edited by A. Vinayak Reddy and G. Bhaskar, New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2005
52 Development and Land Problems (Hindi), Sharad Krishi, 1 (11), November 2005.
53 Co-operative Processing Sector in the Context of Liberalisation, Co-operative Perspective, 39 (3), October-December 2004.
54 Rainfed Agriculture in Karnataka: Key for the Future Growth, in Development of Dryland Agriculture: Problems and Prospects, edited by K A Rasure, KBBS Samiti, 2004.
55 Entangled at the Cross-Roads: Growth and Employment in Indian Agriculture, in Agricultural Situation in India, Vol. LXI No 5, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, New Delhi, August 2004.
56 Current Land Policy Issues in India, in Land Reforms Special Edition, Food and Agricultural Organisation, Rome, 2004.
57 In the Name of Farmer: Central and Karnataka State Budgets 2004-05, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 39, Nos 31, July 31, 2004.
58 Economic Poverty and Inequalities, in John Desrochers and Paulson V Veliyannoor (Eds). Poverty, Marginalisation and Empowerment in Karnataka, KRCR and JPC Publications, Bangalore, 2004.
59 Liberalisation, Domestic Price Policy and Agricultural Growth, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 58 No 3, July-Sept 2004.
60 Irrigation Development and Agricultural Wages, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 38, No 35, August 2003.
61 Land Resources and Policy in Karnataka, Working Paper No 132, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore August 2003.
62 Land Reforms and Agrarian Structure in Maharashtra” in Ghanashyam Shah and D C Shah (Eds), Land Reforms in India, Vol 8, Sage, New Delhi, 2002.
63 Economic Reforms and Employment: Karnataka in Institute of Applied Manpower Research (Eds), Reform and Employment, New Delhi, 2002.
64 Food Security in Drought-prone Areas: A study in Karnataka, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol xxxvii, no 35, 2002.
65 Suicide by Farmers in Karnataka, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. xxxvii, No 26, 2002.
66 Education, Agriculture and Rural Development-A study of Two Villages in South India, Working Paper No 107, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore.2002.
67 Land Transaction in a Tribal Economies: Review of the Ideas and Issues, Working Paper No 109, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore.2002.
68 Monitoring Poverty and Human Development Indicators: A Framework, Working Paper No 107, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore.2002.
69 Caste System and Economic Inequality: Economic Theory and Evidence, in Ghanashyam Shah (ed), Dalit Identity and Politics, Sage, 2001.
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81 Man – Forest Interaction – Changing Institutional Structure: Some Evidence from Maharashtra in S Chand Basha  et. al (Ed) Socio Economic Research in Forestry, Kerala Forest Research Institute and Ford Foundation, 1993.
82 Socio Economic Analysis of Social / Agro Forestry; in S Chand Basha et. al (Ed) Socio-Economic Research in Forestry, Kerala Forest Research Institute and Ford Foundation, 1993.
83 Treatment of Uncultivated Land under Watershed Development Approach: Institutional and Economic Aspects, , (Co-Author),  ArthaVijnana, March 1993.
84 Farm Subsidies: Are they Dispensable? , Economic Times, 7th, 8th, September 1992.
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86 Agricultural Development: A Review of Three Approaches, ArthaVijnana, Vol. 34, No.1, 1992.
87 Input Subsidies: Whither the Direction of Policy Changes? , (Co-Author),  Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, July-September, 1992.
88 Differential Impact of Watershed Based Technology: Some Analytical Issues, , (Co-Author),  Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 46, No.3, 1991.
89 The Growth- Instability Nexus: A Study of Maharashtra, in Prem Narain, Advances in Agricultural Statistics Research, Wiley Eastern Ltd., New Delhi, 1991.
90 Social Developments and Farmer’s Society: A Study of Pani Panchayat, , (Co-Author),  Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 45, No. 3, July-September, 1990.
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93 Irrigation: Impact on Employment and Income- A Case Study of Krishna Raj Sagar Project, Agricultural Situation in India, January 1990.
94 Impact of Irrigation on Human Resource Development in Command Areas, , (Co-Author),  in M. K. Rao and P. P. Sharma (Ed), Human Resource Development for Rural Development, Himalaya, 1989.
95 Human Development and Rural Population Characteristics: A Case Study of Four States, , (Co-Author),  in M. K. Rao and P. P. Sharma (Ed),Human Resource Development for Rural Development, Himalaya, Bombay, 1989.
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26 Drought: Some Issues and Problems, Bulletin of Science, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 1987.
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113 Under-Utilisation of Land: Climatic or Institutional Factors? , (Co-Author),  Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 34, No. 2, April-June 1979.

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