Lectures Delivered

Lectures Delivered 17
1 Dr B R Ambedkar Memorial Lecture, ‘Economics of Caste’, Madras University Chennai,   2002.
2 Prof. V V Borkar Memorial Lecture, ‘Tax Reforms from a State’s Perspective’ Marathawada Economic Association, Nanded, 2002.
3 Presidential Address to the Tamilnadu Planters’ Association, “ Plantation Economy of South India”, Coimbtore, 2004.
4 Presidential Address to Marathawada Economic Association, 2005.
5 First Prof P R Bramhanada Memorial Lecture on ‘Mechanics of Budget’, Social Science Forum, Bangalore March 2005.
6 Dr J C Kumarappa Memorial Lecture ‘Economics of Peace’, Karnataka Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Bangalore, Dec 2005
7 Dr. Gururaja Rao Memorial Lecture, ‘Statistics and Policy Planning’,  Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2006.
8 Prof V M Dandekar Memorial Lecture, Symbiosis, Pune 2007
9 Late Shri Panchamukhi Memorial Teacher’s Day Lecture, “Social Science Research and Teaching: Status and Future “ CMDR, Dharwad, 2009.
10 Prof. M.N. Srinivas Memorial Lecture on ‘Social Sciences and Society’, organised by The Bangalore Social Sciences Form (Regd),National College, Bangalore, December 13, 2011
11 Late Dr Jim Mascarnhes Memorial Lecture, on” Watershed Development: Approach & Reality”,Outreach, Bangalore 2011.
12 Late Sri S.G. Balekundry Memorial Lecture ‘Water and Watershed in Karnataka’: organized by The Institution of Engineers, Bangalore, July 27, 2011.
13 Prof Dayanath Jha Memorial Lecture, “Agricultural Prices and Markets: The Most Contested Issues’, NCAP, New Delhi, 2012.
14 Late Professor K N Raj Memorial Lecture, “State of social science research in India” at the Centre of Science and Technology for Rural Development (COSTFORD), Trissur, Kerala 2012
15 AVR. Sudarsanam Endowment Lecture on ‘Environmental Economics: Lessons from Indian Experience’, organised by Department of Economics, Periyar University, Salem, February 20, 2012.
16 Sardar K M Panikkar Memorial lecture at the Diamond Jubillee Celebration of the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore 1st August 2012, on Marketing Knowledge: Changing Face of Education”.
17 Dr P R Dubhashi lecture on “ Future of Indian Agriculture”, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune 12th October, 2012.
Keynote/Inaugural/Presidential Addresses Delivered: 2008 onwards Total  69
1 ‘Watershed and Environment Issues’, in the Training Programme on “Environment and Water’, organized by National Institute of Rural Development, September 16, 2008, at Hyderabad.
2 ‘Tank Irrigation in Karnataka’, in the State-Level Seminar on ‘History of Tank Irrigation and Maintenance in Karnataka’, organized by The Rural College, October 3, 2008, at Kanakapura.
3 ‘Volatile Market and its Impact on Small Farmers’, in the Workshop on ‘Farmers, Livelihood and Trade – Prospects and Constraints for Sustainability of Rural Livelihood’, organized by Green Foundation, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), October 8, 2008 at Bangalore.
4 ‘Globalisation in India: Trends and Issues’, in the Training Workshop on ‘Towards Globalisation: Perspectives on Indian Economy’, organized by Global College of Long Island University, October 31, 2008 at Bangalore.
5 ‘CLE Method and Its Relevance: Some Personal Experience’, in the Training of Teachers in Concentrated Language Encounter (CLE) Techniques, organized by Rotary International District, Bangalore, February 4, 2009.
6 “Handling Economic Recession in India” in the Workshop on ‘Handling Recession-Engineers Way’ organized by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India), Bangalore Centre, Bangalore, February 20, 2009.
7 “India and Economic Recession” in the National Conference on ‘Economic Recession and Management Strategies’  organized by Karnataka Sate Open University, Mysore, February 21, 2009.
8 “Emerging Issues in Contract Farming in India” in the National Seminar on “Emerging Issues in Contract Farming in India” organized by University of Mysore, Mysore, February 21, 2009.
9 “Research Methodology in a Nutshell“  in the Workshop on ‘Research Methods’, organized by SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore, February 27, 2009.
10 “Human Development Paradigm: A Critical Appraisal“ in the seminar on Human Development Paradigm: A Critical Appraisal, organized by Bangalore University, Bangalore, February 27, 2009.
11 “Groundwater Management and Culture“ in the Conference on “Land, Water and Environment“ organized by  The Mythic Society, Bangalore, March 1, 2009.
12  “Social Exclusion: An Inter-disciplinary Perspective’ in the National Seminar on ‘Culture of Social Exclusion, Identities and Inclusive Policies: Dalits, Minorities and Tribals, India/Karnataka’, organized by Mysore University, March 12, 2009.
13 Keynote Address in the National Workshop on “Mango Cultivation Under Natural Farming”, Academy of Natural Farming, Doddinduvadi, Kollegal Taluk, 2nd May 2009.
14 Keynote Address in the Graduation Day of Surana College, Centre for Post Graduate Studies, Bangalore, 15th May 2009.
15 Inaugural Address in the Workshop on “Application of Quantitative Techniques in Social Science Research’ organized by the Department of Economics, Periyar University, Salem, July 6, 2009.
16 Valedictory Address ‘Education, Society and Economy’  in the Workshop on ‘Writing Scholarly Research Proposal and Articles’ organized by New Horizon College of Education,  July 11, 2009, at Bangalore.
17 Inaugural Address “Research and Challenges in Higher Education’ in the Seminar on ‘Quality in Higher Education: Its Challenges’ organized by Vidya Vardhaka Sangha First Grade College for Women, October 29, 2009, at Bangalore.
18 Keynote Address in the National Seminar on  “Role of Economics in Societal Change” organised by Department of Management Studies, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, November 3, 2009, at Bangalore.
19 Keynote Address in the Workshop on ‘Public Private Partnership in School Education’ organized by Centre for Leadership and Management in Public Services, Central College,  November 7,  2009, at Bangalore.
20 Keynote Address in the National Workshop on “Emotional Competence and Psychological Counseling” organised by M.S. Ramaiah College of Education, November 20, 2009, at Bangalore.
21 ‘Raitha Shastrajna: Havaamana Badalavaneya Sandarbhadalli’, in the Inaugural Function of Farmers’ Awareness Programme on Climate Change and Its Impact on Agriculture, January 30, 2010, at Bangalore.
22 ‘Climate Change: Society’s Responsibilities’, in the Symposium on Climate Change: Implications, Challenges and Policy towards Sustainability, organized by Mount Carmel College, February 9, 2010, at Bangalore.
23 ‘Bangalore: Culture, Trade and Commerce and Development of Personality of a City’, in the National Seminar on Urban Growth of Bangalore with Special Reference to Bangalore Cantonment (1809-2009), organized by Christ University, Bangalore and Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi, February 20, 2010, at Bangalore.
24 ‘Economics Development and Socio-cultural Change in the Era of Globalisation’, in the National Seminar in honour of Prof. T.S. Epstein, organized by Society for Indian Medical Anthropology (SIMA), March 27, 2010, at Mysore.
25 ‘Impact of Research Methodology Course in Intellectual Quality of Ph.D. Theses’, in the Research Methodology Course on ‘In the Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences’, organized by the University of Mysore, March 27, 2010, at Mysore.
26 Keynote Address on ‘Managing in the New Competitive Environment: Some Basics’, in the National Conference on “Managing for Tomorrow: Emerging Trends, Issues & Challenges” organised by Dept. of MBA, Sridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology, April 13, 2010 at Tumkur.
27 Valedictory Address on ‘Sectoral Issues in Growth and Planning’ in the Seminar on ‘Planning and Development in Karnataka:  Sectoral Issues and Challenges’, Organised by Bangalore University and Indian Institute of Public Administration, Karnataka Regional Branch, Bangalore, May 14, 2010, at Bangalore.
28 Inaugural Address on  ‘Negotiating International Trade Environs’, in the National Seminar on “Emerging Issues in International Business”, Organized by Don Bosco Institute of Technology, May 14,  2010 at Bangalore.
29 Keynote Address on ‘Street Vending: An Essential Economic Level’ in the National Convention of Street Vendors, organised under National Alliance of Street Vendors of India (NASVI), June 6, 2010, at Bangalore.
30 Inaugural Address on ‘Approach to Research Methodology’, in the Brainstorming Workshop on: High Value Research Methods, Organised by Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology,  September 7, 2010, at Tumkur.
31 Inaugural Address on ‘Role of State Cadre Commercial Tax Officers in the face of GST’ in the Inauguration of All India Confederation of Commercial Taxes Associations, organised by Karnataka Commercial Taxes Services (Officers) Association and Karnataka Commercial Taxes Service ‘C’ and ‘D’ Group Employees Associations ‘Joint Action Committee’, October 3, 2010, at Bangalore.
32 Keynote Address on ‘Micro Finance, Sustainability and Livelihood: Some Unresolved Issues’ in the Inaugural function of National Seminar on “Micro-Finance and Sustainable Livelihood Promotions in India”, organised by Siddaganga Institute of Technology, December 15, 2010, at Tumkur.
33 Inaugural Address on ‘Changing Concepts in Teaching of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics’, in the Refresher Courses in Business Studies, Major Concerns in Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics, organized by Academic Staff College, Bangalore University, January 24, 2011, at Bangalore.\
34 Valedictory Address on ‘Urbanisation of Climate Change: Meeting the Challenges’, in the Conference on ‘Building more Inclusive and Greener Cities in the Face of Climate Change’, organized by Centre for Social Action, Christ University, Bangalore, 25th January 2011, at Bangalore.
35 Keynote Address on ‘Institutional Reforms in Agricultural Marketing in the Context of Globalization’, in the International Conference on “Agricultural Marketing in the Context of Changing Global Economic Order”, organized by Institute of Development Studies, University of Mysore, Mysore, March 26, 2011, at Mysore.
36 Keynote Address on ‘Karnataka Agriculture – Problems and Way Ahead’, in the Workshop on Evolving Strategies for Karnataka’s Economic Growth, organized by Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry in collaboration with Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, April 8, 2011 at Bangalore.
37 Keynote Address on ‘Peri-Urban Agriculture: Issues of Livelihood and Pollution’, in the RUAF-FSTT Regional Systematization Workshop on Urban/Peri-urban Agriculture, organized by The International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Bangalore, April 18, 2011 at Bangalore.
38 Inaugural Address for the Course on ‘Quantitative Methodos in Political Science’ conducted by Jain University, May 14, 2011, at Bangalore.
39 Inaugural Address on ‘India’s Economic Development: Path and Patterns’, in the Lecture Series on “Indian Economic Model – Sociological, Cultural and Economic Differentials, organized by Bangalore University and Centre for Educational and Social Studies, Bangalore, May 16, 2011, at Bangalore.
40 Inaugural Address on ‘Development Economics’. in the Training Programme on the module of “Development Economics” to the Senior and Chief Managers of Syndicate Bank, organized by Indian School of Finance, Manipal, June 20, 2011, at Manipal.
41 Keynote/Felicitation Address on ‘Financial Econometric Modeling’, in the Workshop on Financial Econometric Modeling, organized by Christ University, Bangalore. August 25, 2011, at Bangalore.
42 Keynote Address on  ‘Micro-Finance: A New Economic Outlook’ in the National Seminar on “Micro-Finance Sector in India – Challenges and Opportunities”, GITAM University,  Visakhapatnam, September 10, 2011,  at Visakhapatnam.
43 Inaugural Address of the Special Session on ‘Agricultural Development Perspective and Strategy Planning for the Twelfth Five Year Plan with Special Reference to Karnataka’ in the 71st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) jointly organized by University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and ISAE, November 4, 2011, at Dharwad.
44 Keynote Address on ‘Social Status of the Farmers and the Remedies for Suicides’ at the Workshop on ‘Problems faced by the Farmers in the Present Situation and the Remedies’, organised by Karnataka State Sugarcane Growers’ Association (Regd), Mysore., January 24, 2012 at Mysore.
45 Inaugural Address on ‘Getting into Data Analysis and Research’, at the National Workshop on Data Analysis for Social Sciences (DASS), organised by Krista Jayanti College, Bangalore, February 1, 2012 at Bangalore.
46 Inaugural Address on ‘Methodology and Methods in Social Science Research’, at the National Workshop on ‘Research Methodology: A March Towards Creating Research Culture’, organised by UGC-Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, February 2, 2012, at Puducherry.
47 Inaugural Address on ‘Excel in Social Sciences’, at the Faculty Development Programme  on ‘Application of MS Excel in the Field of Social Science’, organised by Dept of Management Studies and Research, Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bangalore, February 16, 2012, at Bangalore.
48 Keynote Address on ‘Two-Step Forward and One-Step Backward’, at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Inclusive Growth in India – Varied Dimensions and Challenges” Dr. V.M. Dandekar Memorial Series-IV, organised by Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune jointly with Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), February 17, 2012 at Pune.
49 Convocation Address on ‘On the Threshold of Career’, in the Garden City College, Bangalore, February 24, 2012, at Bangalore.
50 Keynote Address on ‘A Review of the Politics of Social Inclusion’, at the UGC-SAP National Seminar on ‘Politics in India with Special Reference to Social Exclusion’, organized by Dept of Studies in Political Science and Public Administration, University of Mysore, Mysore, February 28, 2012, at Mysore.
51 Valedictory Address on ‘Teaching Human Rights to Humans’, at the UGC Sponsored Seminar on ‘Human Rights Education’, organised by Dr. Ambedkar College of Education, Bangalore,   March 2, 2012, at Bangalore.
52 Special Address on ‘Caste and Entrepreneurship’, at the National Seminar on “Scheduled Caste Entrepreneurs: Problems, Challenge and Achievements”, organized by Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Economic Studies, University of Madras, Chennai, March 14, 2012 at Chennai.
53 Address on ‘Understanding Budget’ at Amrutha Business School, Bangalore, March 21, 2012.
54 Convocation Address on ’Teacher: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, at the M.E.S. Teachers College, C.T.E., Bangalore Rural, March 31, 2012, at Bangalore.
55 Inaugural Address on ‘Imperatives of Democracy and Social Development’, at the Workshop on “Democracy and Social Development in Ambedkar’s View”, organized by Karnataka Dalita Sangharsha Samiti (Ambedkar Vaada), Bangalore, on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar’s 121st Birth Anniversary, April 14, 2012, Bangalore.
56 Inaugural Address on ‘Resurgent Economy and Challenges of Global Economy’, at the National Conference on “Rousing Enterprises in a Declining Global Economy: Opportunities and Challenges”, organized by M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management in association with Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bangalore, April 20, 2012, Bangalore.
57 Inaugural Address on  ‘Using Statistics in Social Sciences’, at the Inauguration of the summer school at Jain University, Bangalore,  May 10, 2012, at Bangalore.
58 Address on  ‘Challenges and Development Imperatives for Agriculture Sector in Karnataka’, at the Technical Session on ‘Development Agenda-Karnataka” of the 95th Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), Bangalore, June 28, 2012 at Bangalore.
59 Keynote Address on ‘Research Methodology and Historiography’, at the Workshop on Research Methodology, organized by Indian Council of Historical Research, Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore, July 1, 2012, at Bangalore.
60 Inaugural Address on ‘Agriculture Policies: An Overview’, in the Inaugural Function of the Workshop on “Innovation in Agricultural Policies/Schemes/Programmes in India, organised by National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, August 10, 2012, at Bangalore.
61 Keynote Address on “Science, Technology and Social Sciences for Sustainable Development’, at the International Conference on Technology Management-2012, organised by Korean Science and Technology Conclave (Indo-Korea Science and Technology Centre (IKST), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, July 19, 2012, at Bangalore.
62 Inaugural Address on ‘Butterfly Farming: Understanding the Activity from Economists’ Point of View’, at the Inception Workshop on “Value Chains for Sustainable Conservation, Integrated Development, and Livelihoods Promotion: An Application to Butterfly Farming in India”, organized by SWASTHA,  Suntikoppa, Coorg Dist., July 14, 2012, at Suntikoppa.
63 Inaugural Address on ‘Managing Research’ at the Annual Research Paper Presentation event CONNAISSANCE-2012 for the students of all B Schools across India, organized by Institute of Management, Christ University, Bangalore,  December 3, 2012, at Bangalore.
64 Keynote Address on ‘Strengthening Co-operative in a Paradigm for Sustainable Development’, at the 12th Annual Inter-Collegiate Convocation, organised by The Social Science Forum, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore, August 8, 2012, at Bangalore.
65 Plenary Talk on ‘Quantitative and Qualitative Research: A Marriage for Betterment’, at the Research Retreat, Jain University, Bangalore, August 19, 2012, at Bangalore.
66 Keynote Address on ‘Higher Education: Way Forward’,  at the inaugural session of National Seminar on “Higher Education 2020 – New Strategies for Empowerment and Growth”, at St. Joseph College of Commerce, Bangalore, September 6, 2012, at Bangalore.
67 Keynote Address on ‘Financial Inclusion only ‘said than done’, at the National Conference on ‘Financial Inclusion in India: Issues and Challenges’, organised by University of Mysore, October 9, 2012, at Mysore.
68 Valedictory Address at the Workshop on “Research Methodology and Data Analysis Using SPSS” organized by ABBS Center for Research and Development, Acharya Bangalore B-School, Bangalore,  January 22, 2013, at Bangalore.
69 Keynote Address on ‘Research Priorities in Social Sciences for 21st Century’, at the Workshop for Ph.D. Guides on “Research Priorities in Social Sciences for  21st Century organized by University of Pune, Pune,  February 13, 2013, at Pune.

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